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Contribute Your Story


An essential aspect of this project is to highlight the experience of Hoosiers and to ensure history is well documented for future generations. To paint the most accurate, ethically honest account of the Riviera Club’s history (and on a larger scale, Indianapolis’ history) is best shared through those who have lived it.

Did you grow up in or around the Butler-Tarkington area? Or, are you a Hoosier who has visited the Riviera Club and experienced discrimination based on race or religion? Or were your experiences on the opposite side of the spectrum? Do you have positive associations with the Riviera you wish the share? I am still collecting testimonies from past and present members of the Riviera Club, Hoosiers who have experienced discrimination from the Riviera Club, and generally, anyone who wants to share anything about the club, its history, its current role in the Indianapolis community, and so forth. 

Additionally, if you are or were a member of other Indianapolis country clubs and have similar stories of discrimination, I would also be interested in hearing about your experiences. 

Please email Emily Reuben at if you are interested in sharing your story for this project!

DO YOU HAVE ANY Photos/video to share?

To contextualize the historical landscape of the Riviera Club and Indianapolis, photographs and videos are necessary to paint a complete picture of the current and modern Rivera Club and the Indianapolis area.  

This project is mainly dependent on archival photographs. Do you have any old family photos or videos taken at the Riviera Club? Modern pictures taken at the Rivera Club are also helpful to the project as well!

Do you have photographs or videos taken at other clubs like the Scenicview/Sportsmans Country Club, Westchester Country Club, or Broadmoor Country Club? 

Do you have other photos that are relevant to this project? Please email Emily Reuben at

DO YOU HAVE ANY Documents to donate?

I am always looking for documents about the club to build a better picture of the Riviera Club and its impact on the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood.
Do you have any files, letters, brochures, transcripts, advertisements, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, or other documents you are willing to donate to this project? 

Please email Emily Reuben at